There are a surprisingly large number of places to procure cribbage drill templates.

Metal Templates

These folks sell metal drill templates + kits for making cribbage boards.
A little on the pricey side, but nice looking templates and good selection!


These folks also sell metal drill templates.


Iasco-Tesco (Industrial Arts Supply Company) sells METAL drill templates.
Very nice, easy to work with and will last forever!

Here is a link to their PDF catalog.


Go to page 150 of the PDF document. Cost is $29.95 per template.

#9834 Curved Path Template
#9837 4 Player Template
#9867 2 Player Template

Their phone number is: 1-888-919-0899

While intended as a cribbage board, a ClassCribbage Cribbage board makes an excellent
drill template. It’s metal, has 10/15/20 point U-turns and a 5 point right angle turn. I made a
classic 3 player CT 121 point template from it that’s only 3” wide by 9” long. With this single
template, you can pretty much make any size/shape/style of template that you can think of.


Plastic Templates

Also, if you go to etsy.com, there is a gentleman who sells an acrylic (plastic) template kit:


Paper Templates

If you go with paper templates, I would recommend gluing the paper template to plastic (using
a spray mount glue – available at the hardware store, Walmart, etc.) and make a plastic
template rather than mounting the paper directly to the board you're drilling. I've done this
many, many times and found this approach much easier and cleaner and when you're done,
you've got a re-usable drill template.

Cribbage Guy sells paper templates for $5.00 a pop:


Lee Valley sells a paper template as well, along with very nice brass
and wood cribbage pegs.


The paper board template there is $2.00. Make copies of the original and use the copy.

Homemade Templates

Look for old cribbage boards (thrift stores, ebay, etc) and turn that board into a drill template.
If you have access to a band saw, cut the crib board down the middle long ways – kind of if
you were slicing the top off of a cake. Instant template.

CNC Templates

If you have LOTS of money and time to burn and are looking for another senseless way to
justify your $5,000 CNC machine, you can always CNC a drill template. I looked at the video
and yes, I can drill a cribbage board with one of my own drill
templates faster than this CNC program can.


Roll (or Design) Your Own Templates


100+ Premade templates or design your own drill templates.
Very cool website. I've used it myself to get ideas for new template designs.