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Joseph William
Kittinger II (o)

August 16, 1960

Excelsior III at
102,800 feet (31,300

3.75"x 24"x .75"

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant Don
Walsh Jacques

1:06 p.m. on  Jan
23, 1960

10,916 m (35,814 ft)

Mariana Trench
(Pacific Ocean)

3.75"x 24"x .75"

A Marathon of Distance between Sky & Sea

Released On: 7.25.2012
Sold Out: 12.5.2012


1960 saw 2 records set - one reaching the the asbolute bottom of the ocean and the
other for parachuting from the very edge of space. Coincidentally, the distance that
separates these 2 records is not as far as you might think. They're separated by
42,216 meters which is only 21 meters (about 69 feet) more than distance of the
modern marathon of 42,195 meters (26 miles, 385 yards).

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