Collecting Enumero Cribbage Boards

For those who collect Cribbage Boards, there is an excellent book on the subject.

When a particular item reaches critical mass, whether it's
Star Wars Figures or Beanie Babies
it seems to encourage people who maybe want to find other people who share the same interest.

To that end, I've informally started an Enumero Collector's Group. To join, simply
drop me a line.
I will add you to the email distribution list. It doesn't cost anything, I NEVER share email addresses and I will send
members a "heads-up" notice when new series of boards are released (ahead of the general republic).
I will also send the occasional coupon code (redeemable at the EnumeroCribbageBoards store on
out to the Collector's Group.

Finding a Board...

From time to time, someone comes across this website, sees a board s/he likes only to find
out it's been sold to someone else (i.e. the person located the board on the
SOLD-OUT page).  

To initiate the hunt for a previously sold board, simply
Email me with the board(s)
you're looking for and I will contact the owner on your behalf to see if they would like to part with
their board. If the owner agrees, then you, the potential buyer and the possible seller would
then be put in touch with one another to "peg out" the details.

For your
collecting and browsing convenience, the entire Enumero Cribbage
sales history is encapsulated onto pages delineated into the year a given board was sold.
An entire boards Series can also be viewed on the
SOLD-OUT page.
The current year is not included in the list below.
The current year will be added in January of the following year.

2006 (41)
2007 (66)
2008 (51)
2009 (54)
2010 (99)