The Four Galilean Moons

Issued: 8.28.10
Sold Out: 12.13.10

From time to time, I produce a series of Cribbage boards that just don’t come out as nice
as I’d like and will typically have some cosmetic or finish imperfections. I call these
boards “Postpono” Boards. “Postpono” is roughly the Latin equivalent for “Factory

Postpono boards cost substantially less than comparable boards. They’re perfectly fine
cribbage boards for playing a standard 121 point Cribbage game. And with money being
tight these days for many folks, I’ve found that “Postpono” boards are a good fit for
some folks. Also, it gives you a chance to sample my work (albeit not my best work), for
not a lot money.

The shipping is higher than the actual price of the board, simply because these are big,
relatively heavy boards.
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