10 Notable African-American
Innovators, Inventors and Pioneers

The faces on these boards are made
Ebony, which is among the most expensive
commercially available hardwoods (up to $100 a board foot). Ebony is
commonly used in musical instruments as small accent pieces.
Suffice it to say, a tournament size (22-24" long) Cribbage Board
with an Ebony face is not that common. :->

Ebony is often sold in "billets"(rough shape log).
The ebony used in these boards came from a billet tucked away in a
dry corner of my shop around 2001. In Feb. 2012, I cut a piece of
the billet off, making inlay point separator pieces and a single piece of
ebony lumber. The single piece of ebony lumber was then re-sawn and
planed to form the board faces in this series.

Released On: 7.27.2012
Sold Out: 7.7.14
Board Name
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George Edward
Alcorn, Jr.

Physicist & Inventor

4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

Patricia Bath

& Inventor

3.75"x 23.75"x 1.25"

George Washington

Scientist, Botanist,
Educator & Inventor

4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

Harriet Tubman (o)

Abolitionist &

3.75"x 23.5"x 1.25"

Dr. Mark Dean

Inventor & Computer

4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

David Fisher

Inventor & Furniture

4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

Shirley Ann Jackson

Physicist and 18th
President of Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute
(among other things)

Elijah McCoy

Inventor & Engineer

4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

Daniel Hale Williams


4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

Granville T. Woods


4.25"x 11.75"x .75"

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